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SMEmerge / SMEmerge-i Start-Up Financing

  • What is SMEmerge Start-Up Financing Scheme

    SMEmerge/SMEmerge-i Start-Up Financing is a Term Loan/ Financing facility offered by AFFINBANK/AFFIN ISLAMIC to assist new start-up companies operating within 6 to 36 months (based on business registration date) to access financing aid for working capital.

  • What can I get from this financing scheme?

    1. Loan/ Financing Amount : Up to RM300,000.00,
    2. Loan/ Financing Tenure : Up to 7 years,
    3. Interest/ Profit Rate : Up to Base Lending Rate (BLR)/Base Financing Rate (BFR) + 9.0% per annum (p.a.),
    4. Ceiling Profit Rate : Maximum capping rate is 20% p.a. (Applicable for Islamic Facility only),
    5. Collateral : No collateral required,
    6. Guarantee : Joint & Several Guarantee/Personal Guarantee.

  • How to know if I am eligible for this financing scheme?

    This financing option is for:

    1. SME classification as per National SME Development Council (NSDC),
    2. Malaysian owned business or Malaysian-controlled entity with Malaysian shareholding of at least 51%,
    3. Business in operations between 6 to 36 months from business registration date.

  • What are the charges?

    1. Stamp duty : Stamp duty as per the Stamp Act 1949 (Revised 1989),
    2. Legal documentation fee : For completion of Security Documentation prior to release of Term Loan/Financing facility,
    3. Processing/Disbursement fee : No fee imposed on processing/disbursement,
    4. Agent/Brokerage fee : Any fees related to Agency/Brokerage fee imposed by the commodity provider (RM5.00 per RM1.0 million on pro-rate basis) (Applicable for Islamic Facility only).

  • How will I get the fund?

    1. The Term Loan/ Financing will be released in one lump sum directly to your Current Account,
    2. Customer is encouraged to sign-up for Standing Instruction (SI) for monthly installment/payment of the Term Loan/Financing facility.